Past Shows

It began with a spooky dream….

There is a café in Limerick City, a mystical place where all our terrible ideas are born. We won’t name it in case people stop going there but a single sip from a medium mocha is enough to reduce the mind to goo, which opens worlds of inspiration known only to the terminally stupid. But some of those terrible ideas get stuck in our brain. We ended up thinking about these awful, no-good ideas at 3am, bathed in the ghostly glow of a laptop screen, typing spooky nonsense into a word document. Then, through the gaps in our fingers, we read the stupid scripts. But lo, a miracle. We laughed. They needed punching up to be sure but with enough time and effort “Wolf Pope” would be ready to trip the light fantastic. But it couldn’t be put on, right? 

To paraphrase The Shadow of the Wind, a curse was laid upon our flesh, one that would not be broken, and, in dreams, a show reached out. So it was in this café that Stage Frights! A Night of Spooky Plays was born. A night of horror-themed sketch comedy, fuelled by vanilla lattes, oat milk cappuccinos the mysterious power of this café to inspire an individual with truly dumb ideas like a Bloody Mary-style ghost who when summoned will… oops. Spoilers.

We held our first event in the run up to Halloween 2021 in the Record Room of the Commercial Bar on Catherine Street in Limerick City and it felt as if the potent effects of this magical café leaked out of our beings and into the scripts, infecting the audience. A room of perfectly respectable citizens were, by the end of the show, had become common theatre hooligans, shouting, whistling chanting “Wolf Pope” in support of the perpetual underdogs, the Catholic Church. Madness.

So, from the mind-melting coffee of this small Limerick café sprang forth a very silly night of spooky theatre and eventually a very silly theatre group.



“Man of Destiny” by George Bernard Shaw




Stage Frights



Stage Frights